Translating Appetizer

If Appetizer is not available in your own language, you can easily create your own translation. To do so, please follow these steps:

  • Download Poedit and install it. This is a utility that makes it easier to create and maintain translation files.
  • Download this file (Right-click and select "Save as...") and open it with Poedit. Alternatively, if your language has already been partially translated, please download it from the list of languages below.
  • In Poedit, go into the Catalog menu and click Configuration. Change "Country" and "Language" to your own country and language.
  • Now, to translate a line of text, click on it and add your translated text in the bottom text field.
  • Once all the text is translated, please email appetizer.po to

Your translation will be added in the next release.

Translating the help file

To translate the help file, please follow the same steps as above and edit this file (Right-click and select "Save as...").

Translation status

Aragonese flag Aragonese100%Santiago Bal
Chinese (Simplified) flag Chinese (Simplified)86%李明
Chinese (Traditional) flag Chinese (Traditional)100%Jeremi Lin
Danish flag Danish86%Henrik Agersted
Dutch flag Dutch86%Pieter Kerstens
English flag English100%Laurent Cozic
Estonian flag Estonian100%Olav Mägi
French flag French100%Laurent Cozic
German flag German100%Markus Stadler, Simeon
Greek flag Greek100%Petros Kyladitis
Hungarian flag Hungarian85%
Italian flag Italian100%Michele Locati, Giacomo Margarito
Japanese flag Japanese100%Tilt
Korean flag Korean79%Wewe
Polish flag Polish100%Michał Trzebiatowski
Portuguese flag Portuguese100%Sasori
Portuguese (Brasil) flag Portuguese (Brasil)86%Marcus Malzer
Romanian flag Romanian86%Cris
Russian flag Russian100%Dark Preacher
Slovak flag Slovak86%Sepp
Spanish flag Spanish99%
Swedish flag Swedish100%Leif Larsson
Turkish flag Turkish86%Metin Selçuk
Vietnamese flag Vietnamese86%Tam Vo Le
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