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Ready — Class in package events
Dispatches, among others, by the application when it is fully ready.
registerPreference(preference) — Method in class Preferences
Registers a preference.
registerPreferenceGroup(name, title) — Method in class Preferences
Preferences can be grouped into tabs.
removeButton(button:OptionButton) — Method in class OptionPanel
Removes the specified button.
removeFromMultiLaunchGroup() — Method in class DockItem
Removes the shortcut from the multi-launch group.
removeFromParent() — Method in class DockItem
Removes the dock item from its parent.
resolvePath(filePath) — Method in class System
Resolves a file path by converting "..", "." and special variables (such as $(Drive) or %windir%) to actual paths.
runCommand(commandLine, asynchronous, functionName) — Method in class System
Allows running the given command line.
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