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dialogs — Property in class Global
The dialogs object that can be used to show different kind of dialog boxes
Dialogs — Class in Top Level
This class contains a number of utility functions to display various dialog boxes.
disable() — Method in class Application
Disables the application.
dockItem — Property in class events.DockItemClick
The dock item.
dockItem — Property in class events.DockItemMenuOpening
The dock item.
DockItem — Class in Top Level
The dock item is the main Appetizer object.
DockItem(isGroup) — Constructor in class DockItem
DockItemClick — Class in package events
Dispatched when a dock item is clicked
DockItemMenuOpening — Class in package events
Dispatched when a dock item context menu is about to be displayed
doMultiLaunch() — Method in class Application
Triggers multi-launch functionality.
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